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Welcome to UNIQUE MINDS VISION (UMV), your new home for personal and professional transformation. Founded by Michi C. Brink, a leading Nail Tech and Executive Director at Fantasy Nails, UMV is an online platform dedicated to mastering the art of Mindset. Together with her daughter, Cheyenne, Michi has crafted a space where you can safely explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, fostering growth in every aspect.

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Why Did We Create UMV?

UMV was founded by Michi, who has dedicated over two decades to the nail industry—creating products and educating nail technicians globally. Her unique approach goes beyond teaching the 'how' to explaining the 'why' behind every technique. It was during her extensive teaching experiences that Michi began to notice varying levels of success among her students. This observation sparked her curiosity about the influence of mindset on achievement, leading her to explore neuroscience and the power of our minds. Thus, UMV was born to empower individuals by unlocking the potential of their mental processes.

We believe that everyone has the potential to shape their own destiny, but often what holds us back is not the lack of capability, but rather a limitation in mindset. This is why UMV was created: to empower you to break through these mental barriers and harness the true power of your mind.

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How Will UMV Help Me?

We recognize that personal transformation is about more than just acquiring knowledge - it's about turning that knowledge into actionable change. That's why UMV is structured around the concept of applied neuroscience combined with real-world strategies to foster both personal and professional growth.

Through our "Success Mindset" program, an engaging private community, and hands-on-activities, you'll learn how to apply the principles taught in your everyday life. From enhancing your decision-making skills to improving your emotional intelligence, we equip you with tools that are immediately applicable and transformative.

Learning is a journey, not a destination. 


Embodying Our Philosophy That Understanding The "WHY" Is Far More Crucial Than The "HOW"

- Cheyenne Yuki | COO Unique Minds Vision & Fantasy Nails
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About Michi C. Brink

The founder of Unique Minds Vision and Executive Director of Education at Fantasy Nails, is a pioneer who blends neuroscience with personal development. Her curiosity was piqued when she noticed her students achieving different results despite the same training. This observation led her to explore how mindset affects success. At UMV, Michi is dedicated to helping people realize their potential by understanding and mastering their mental processes. She offers practical, science-based programas designed to transform personal and professional lives.

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Our Education Library, combines both of Michi's Worlds - Nails & Mindset.
Whether you're looking to level up your skills as a nail tech, salon owner or just yourself personally, you've come to right place.

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Growth Grid Club

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Growth Grid Club (GGC), came to life with the purpose of building a community of like-minded individuals, where we could share our personal wins and experiences. This is the place, where all students from both UMV Programs as well as FANTASY NAILS students, can connect, learn and inspire each other.

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